spookyghostboy - Jan 17 - The Triffid

I started recording music in high school under the name spookyghostboy using the only equipment I could find, playing into the microphone of a camcorder in order to capture different instruments. Then I would assemble them together in a video editing software before recording more layers on the camcorder. That was the beginning of my fascination with writing and recording.

Growing up as a military brat, I never spent more than a year or two in the same place and often wrote lyrics that reflected what that experience was like. My adolescence was spent moving up and down the East coast, a handful of other states, and several years living in Japan. When I was 10, I started playing classical piano which would eventually lead to an interest in analog synthesizers.

In 2013, I moved to Nashville to study, and began recording and writing with more intensity than I had before. I assembled a small home studio’s worth of recording gear & began to make records out of my bedroom. I’ve always found writing to be the best way for me to process things, so spookyghostboy will always have a very personal, journal-like quality to me.

Show Date: Jan 17, 2020