Terror - Jan 16 - The Brightside Brisbane

Terror are a punk band hailing from Los Angeles, California, United States who formed in 2002. Since their debut in 2004 they have released five studio albums along with four E.Ps, and have picked up a reputation as one of the most positive hardcore bands of their generation.

Scott Vogel is a punk rock singer who made his name on the New York hardcore scene fronting bands like Buried Alive and Sludgefest. Early 2002 saw him relocate from the east coast to the Los Angeles, California on the west coast, with the intention of fronting a hardcore band with a difference. He wanted to sing in a band that could bring back the fun and purity that he valued in the hardcore scene which he felt was sorely lacking in most major scenes. By April 2002 he had found that band, named them Terror, and issued their first demo tape. The tape was rapturously received and got them a record deal with Takeover Records, with whom they released a number of 7” singles during what little downtime they had from touring.

The name the band had made for themselves got them a record deal with Bridge 9 and soon afterwards, the band recorded their first E.P “Lowest Of The Low”. It was released in January 2003 and was an instant critical smash, leading to a European tour with the legendary Biohazard for their troubles. Ever since then, they’ve become one of the most beloved hardcore bands around, with a live show that’s equal parts fearsome and life affirming. They’ve even managed to turn their status as cult heroes into some commercial success, with their second album, 2006’s “Always The Hard Way”, selling 40’000 copies in total. They’re a band to believe in, without being all that serious to begin with. For that, they come highly recommended.

Show Date: Jan 16, 2020