Penny Ikinger - Jan 12 - Junk Bar

Penny Ikinger is an antipodean rock maestro whodefies easy comparison and definition. With her iconicguitar, the Pennycaster, she is a fuzz queen, sonicchanteuse and primal mistress of dark folk who wowsher audiences at home in Australia and beyond.
Penny’s impressive career started as guitarist in Wet Taxis with Louis Tillett, going on to perform and record with many acclaimed artists such as Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman), Kim Salmon, Tex Perkins and the Sacred Cowboys. In 2003 Penny launched out on her and her undeniable solo talents began to be noticed. Penny’s debut album 'Electra' (Career Records, USA/ Bang! Records, Spain) was filled with breathy vocals and sonic guitar exploring the aural landscape where sonic disfigurement entwines with femme fatale pop. 'Electr'a appearedin Top Ten lists (at #2 by critics from prestigious New York magazines The Village Voice and The Big Takeover) and numerous music publications in the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia.
“All woman and all business - the Australian singer-guitarist - a graduate of the Radio Birdman school of axe warfare unveils a fetching line of balladry here: black-hearted folk song draped in fuzz, topped with a dark baby-doll whisper...imagine Nico channelling Sandy Denny in front of blue Oyster Cult - and you’re close.”
David Fricke, Senior Editor, Rolling Stone (USA)The release of Penny’s second album Penelope (Citadel Records, Australia), signaled her evolving sound with a style and tempo shift. This album, full of stories of life, love and redemption, is also a collection of three-minute classic pop gems that mix post-punk attack with swingin’ 60’s attitude and 70’s guitar experimentation. The calibre of Penny’s musical peers is evident with contributions from Australia’s favourite rock artists Deniz Tek, Ron Peno, Charlie Owen, Mark Ferrie, Dave Graney and Clare Moore.
“.... with Ikinger’s aggressive white-noise cacophonies of guitar counter-pointed by the compelling coo of her voice, each song comes on like a siren’s call from the depths...” Sophie Best, The Age (Australia).
Constantly seeking to push her songwriting skills, Penny once again teamed up with legendary Radio Birdman guitarist Deniz Tek to produce her much anticipated third solo album "Tokyo". With the generous help of the Australia-Japan Foundation, the album was recorded in Tokyo and combines Penny’s unique sound with the talent of three of Tokyo’s psychedelic rock icons - Masami Kawaguchi, Louis Inage and Keiichi Sakai. It is a unique artistic collaboration, seldom attempted between these diverse music scenes. It was released on Kerosene Records (Japan) in July 2018 and on Off The Hip Records (Australia) in September 2018.
“Toe-nail polish and noise guitar. Sexy silvery sandals and breathy, twisting and turning vocals. I bet they stare at her guitar and worship at her feet back in her native Australia...” Sally Green, Mohair Sweets (USA) Her unique history and music has been the subject of a documentary, 'Electra: The Music Of Penny Ikinger' in which Penny is interviewed by Chrissy Amphlett (Divinyls). The film was directed by Rachael Lucas (Bondi Tsunami) and featured at the St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia.
Penny Ikinger has toured extensively internationally to Japan Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, winning the hearts of fans and the respect of many of the toughest of critics. She most recently returned from a whirlwind mini-tour of Europe which culminated in a celebrated appearance at the festival Andoaingo Rock Jaialdia in Spain alongside international favourites: The Bevis Frond (U.K.), Limiñanas (France) and Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children (Sweden). The resounding reception of this performance is yet another hint to what is to come for the impressive talent of Penny Ikinger. With the new and ground breaking album, it clear that this guitar ace and singer-songwriter, has her eyes firmly set on 2019.
“ One that was born with a star on the forehead is Penny Ikinger, a kind of grungy answer to PJ Harvey… Devastating from start to finish.” Jon Pagola, Mondosonoro (Spain).

Show Date: Jan 12, 2020