Excision - Apr 12 - Touch Bass - Brisbane 2020

Excision, gruesome by name and nature aka Jeff Abel is a dubstep producer and DJ hailing from British Columbia, Canada who has been dropping beats since 2004.

With influences stemming from the likes of English electronic band The Prodigy, Abel dropped out of university in 2005 to pursue his passion for production fascinated by the lack of electronic music in his homeland of Canada. Spending up to 12 hours a day perfecting his craft through online tutorials, Abel adopted the stage name Excision.

In 2005 Abel founded the bass record label Rottun Recordings addressing the apparent lack of an EDM scene in Canada. It was with his label where he would release early material in the form of the “Rottun 2007” mixtape featuring producers such as Noiz, Stenchman and Ultrablack. The following year Excision released his first official single “No Escape” and the same year Abel launched his annual “Shambhala” mixtape.

Releasing his debut EP “Boom EP” in 2009 saw Excision collaborate with fellow producers Flux Pavilion and Datsik featuring the tracks “Boom” and “Calypso” as he rapidly began making a name for himself on the scene. Subsequent EP releases would see him team up with the likes of The SubDivision, Liquid Stranger, Downlink and Bassnectar before embarking upon US tours and bringing forth his memorable stage shows.

In 2011 Excision released his debut full length “X-rated” featuring the tracks “The Underground”, “Execute” and “8 Bit Superhero. 2012 proved a busy year in the Excision camp as he launched dubstep and bass label Destroid Music alongside Downlink and KJ Sawka while also introducing his new range of 250,000 watt sound system at the Boomfest showcase in Colorado, US.

With the release of his second album “Codename X” in 2015, Excision had firmly secured his place as the forerunner in Canadian EDM as he helped inject life into the practically non-existent electronic dance scene in his home territory, influencing the likes of Downlink and Datsik, some of Canada’s finest electronic exports. Making his stamp with his trippy animated live visuals and playing to as many as 20,000 audience members, Excision creates an effervescent and electrifying atmosphere, captivating crowds across the globe.

Show Date: Apr 12, 2020