Borgore - Apr 12 - Touch Bass - Brisbane 2020

Borgore, real name Asaf Borger (born October 20th 1987) is a DJ/producer from Tel Aviv, Israel, self-proclaimed as being the man who "ruined dubstep."

Whatever you may think of him, there is no denying that Borgore is one of the biggest names in the world of bass music. His music combines heavy, aggressive dustup with electro house and trap, often characterised as 'brostep' due to its Americanised, gimmick-inflected, aggressively loud variation of the dubstep genre.

Borgore received a formal musical education, studying jazz at Tel Aviv's Thelma Yellin Music Academy, as a saxophone player and composer for big band ensembles. Yet his tastes turned to electronic music and dubstep, after hearing DJs playing music by the likes of Benga, Mala and Coki, who pioneered the dubstep genre in London, UK. He then began to make music in a similar style achieving significant success via the internet.

Borgore released several EPs since 2010, becoming more polished in his sound following his initially crude releases. He has also set up his own record label, titled Buygore, through which he has released his own music, as well as artists Dead Audio, Bare Noize, Kennedy Jones and At Dawn We Rage. Borgore also performs as a duo with fellow dubstep artist Tomba.

In 2012, he released the single "Decisions" which featured a guest performance by Miley Cyrus. The track was a huge hit and the video has received several millions of views. It also sparked the beginning of Miley Cyrus' changing image, moving away from her reputation as a child-friendly pop star.

In 2014, Borgore released his first full length album, titled "#NEWGOREORDER" on Diplo's Mad Decent label. The album showcased a more eclectic mix of influences, from EDM to trap to hip hop. Borgore also showcases some of his lyrical abilities, rapping on some of the songs on his album.

Show Date: Apr 12, 2020