Kurilpa Reach - Apr 05 - The Foundry

A follow up to their 2018 debut EP 'Fool's Fall', 'Best End' presents a new sound for the 5 piece Roots/Reggae/Rock band. Laid back, refreshing and smooth, 'Best End' will drift you back to summer.

Kurilpa Reach cannot be tamed. Many have tried to classify this eclectic, ragamuffin 5-piece, but instead have been lost to the groove. A melting point of reggae and ska with a mammoth injection of psychedelic rock, Kurilpa Reach will have you Chur'ing and tripping all in the same melody. Far from their inception within a Moorooka backyard shed, Kurilpa Reach have toured the East Coast, played with the likes of Electrik Lemonade, Nice Biscuit and The Sea Gypsies as well as sold out The Brightside and The Petting Zoo,

Show Date: Apr 5, 2020