Camille Trail - Apr 04 - Milk Factory

During his set at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January Shane Nicholson – singer, songwriter, producer and a champion of emerging artists – invited a guest to the stage. Her name was Camille Trail, a young singer songwriter from Central Queensland, who’s debut album Shane had just produced.

One of the interesting things about Camille, Shane told the audience as his guest took to the stage, was that she’s the only person he’d ever worked with who paid for the recording of an album by selling a couple of bulls.

As much as that is true – Trail was born, raised and still lives and works on her family’s cattle farm west of Rockhampton – anyone in the audience expecting a singing cowgirl was in for a surprise.

Instead Camille, accompanied by Shane and his band, delivered a haunting and masterful rendition of the moody title track of Nicholson’s ARIA award winning album Hell Breaks Loose.

Camille nailed it, the audience loved it, and it tipped the scales into a recording agreement with Compass Bros Records - a stellar start to 2020 for the 21 year old singer songwriter from the cattle farm in Central Queensland.

Camille's new single Devil's Drink will be released February 28 on Compass Bros Records through Universal Music Australia.

Show Date: Apr 4, 2020