Hayley Marsten - Apr 04 - Milk Factory

Those four words are not just the hook in its title track, but also the feelings that inspired Hayley Marsten’s debut record Spectacular Heartbreak. And anyone that’s listened to the Gladstone-raised songwriter’s first two impressive EPs knows Marsten’s well-versed in matters of the heart.

Those two releases, Even and Lonestar were the mark of an artist evolving emotionally and creatively, searching her soul and finding the truth. In doing so, Marsten also found an audience. Lonestar debuted at #8 on the ARIA country charts and #1 on the Australian Independent Labels Chart, and the very personal single 'Coming Home' reached #1 on the KIX Country Charts. Marsten soon warmed crowds for many esteemed artists, such as Clare Bowditch, Deborah Conway, Imogen Clark, Fanny Lumsden and Brad Butcher.

And the shows didn’t stop there. Marsten embarked on an East Coast tour, co-headling with Arna Georgia, that covered four states and sold out three shows. Momentum built further when ‘Wendy’, the first single from her debut record, made a splash on country radio and received national airplay and a big endorsement from Myf Warhust. Since peaking at #18 on the Music Network Charts and #25 on CMC Countdown, ‘Wendy’ has clocked over 174,000 streams on Spotify.

But now the songwriter’s attention turns to her debut record, a collection of songs spectacular in both name and nature, sure to please the 250 crowd-funding pledgers that purchased a copy before hearing a note.

With its grand – and apt – title, Spectacular Heartbreak is a cohesive and assured document of loss, acceptance and self-reflection. It’s the work of an artist embracing herself, finding strength and a new perspective. You can sense the expanding distance between the songwriter and the pain, standing on the outside looking in.

Show Date: Apr 4, 2020