Mergatroyd - Apr 02 - Crowbar

Mergatroyd was conceived and birthed at the beginning of 2014 between the guitarist Darryl & drummer Rhysus.
Undoubtedly the pair started jamming and writing songs, but something was missing... the musician and the percussionist started looking for a Vocalist and a Bassist to fill the hole in what would become their sound.

Numerous auditions went by and finally obtaining vocalist Ripton & Bassist Mico to complete the brotherhood... Or so it would seem.. early in 2015, the band recruited a second guitarist in the form of Karnie, bringing a new depth and bigger sound to the band.

The newly formed quintet recorded their EP "Stolen Eyes Watch The World Die" at Tall Poppy Productions in Salisbury, and released in July 2015.
The band followed the EP release up with a mini tour stretching north to Bundaberg and south to Sydney.
Their song "Stuporus Funker" was awarded a High Commendation by the Queensland Music Awards judging panel.

In early 2016, Mergatroyd parted ways with vocalist Ripton, with the main vocals now done by guitarist Darryl.

With 17 gigs played (including 5 festivals), one 3-track demo, one 5-track EP, 2 radio interviews, 1 magazine interview, 1 promotional video and over 5000kms of driving, Mergatroyd have accomplished much so far, and all just in their first year!!!

In March 2016, the band stepped into the studio once again to record 2 new songs, and re-record the vocals to the already released tracks from the EP in August to re-release the EP as an updated "deluxe" version, to introduce the world to the new Mergatroyd!!

Influences range from Heavy Metal to Grunge, Thrash & Doom. Think Black Sabbath meets Alice in Chains meets Megadeth.

With booze in their bellies, groovy songs under their belt and a drive in their hearts, the newly invigorated group set out to invade your headspace, living room & local watering holes.

Show Date: Apr 2, 2020