Comeback Kid - Apr 01 - Crowbar

Comeback Kid, sometimes abbreviated to CBK is a Canadian hardcore punk band formed in the year 2002 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Named after a headline in a newspaper referring to hockey player Mario Lemieux who made a startling return to the NHL, Comeback Kid was formed in 2002 by friends Andrew Neufeld and Jeremy Hiebert. The two were in a band named Figure Four and intended CBK only to be a side-project, however with the addition of friends Scott Wade and Kyle Profeta the band released their debut album “Turn It Around” on Facedown Records in 2003.

In 2004 Comeback Kid signed with Victory Records who subsequently released all of the future CBK’s material. After touring across the U.S. and Europe Comeback Kid returned with their Sophomore album titled “Wake the Dead” in 2005. The album cemented the band’s proclivity for lightning quick guitar rhythms and violently fervent lyrics, and was produced by Bill Stevenson of Black Flag and Descendents fame. After extensive touring with the album, vocalist Scott Wade departed in 2006 and whose vocal responsibilities fell to Neufeld.

“Broadcasting…” released in 2007 was the band’s follow-up album and puts new singer Neufeld in control and adds a ferocity to the lyrics that wasn’t there before, he’s commanding and compelling, and compliments the battering-ram of percussion and guitar. The band subsequently toured across much of the world including South East Asia and Latin America.

A documentary about the band entitled “Through The Noise’ was released in 2007, documenting the the first six years of the band’s history. After a lengthy period of touring, writing and recording Comeback Kid released “Symptoms and Cures” their fourth studio album in 2010, and their fifth “Die Knowing” in 2014.

Show Date: Apr 1, 2020