A Gazillion Angry Mexicans - Mar 29 - Mojo Burning 2020

With a penchant for all things obnoxious A Gazillion Angry Mexicans having been yelling sweet nothings to all who are willing to listen through pubs and bars across Australia.
With rhythms as heavy footed as having the old gods living in the apartment above you, space-age jam guitars like Jerry Garcia flying the millennial falcon and grooves dirty enough to make you forget your mothers maiden name. A Gazillion Angry Mexicans are gearing up to release their debut Album "Stoner-pop-Doom-punk".
With a new album comes a new opportunity to take the show on the road and A Gazillion Angry Mexicans live show is one not to miss, both energetic and cathartic the raw power of this quartet will most definitely have you on your feet.

Show Date: Mar 29, 2020