Bunny Rackets - Mar 28 - Eddie's Grubhouse

A Rock 'n' Roll web series for Kids & adults. B orn from King Bunnys’ fierce love for rock music and a yearning for kid friendly tunes that are relevant and positive.

Bunny Racket is an online music series that follows the adventures of 'King Bunny' - a guitar wielding, skateboard riding, nature loving rabbit with a passion for playing rock’n’roll... LOUD.

King Bunny travels the open highways in his old van, seeking collaboration, inspiration and knowledge. He’s on a quest to create and share his unique brand of rock'n'roll with the younger generation of bunny racketeers.

Laying down songs in Brant Bjork's analogue studio out in the Joshua Tree desert, Robby Krieger (The Doors) also joins the studio line-up as the lead guitarist and Sam Cutler, legendary tour manager for The Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead lends his voice with some spoken word.

The result? A fast paced, rock driven soundtrack unlike any other.

Show Date: Mar 28, 2020