Kallidad - Mar 28 - The Elephant Hotel

With their trademark “Day of the Dead” facepaint, Kallidad has a visual image every bit as striking as their one of a kind sound.

The line up is two Spanish guitars and a box drum- but don't let the lightweight set up fool you. Kallidad can rock a crowd from top to bottom, as displayed on their tours all around Australia, plus visits to Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Holland, France, Switzerland, New Zealand and many others.

The group combines influences from flamenco and mariachi music with rock and metal to create a powerful, energetic and uplifting sound that gives the audience no choice but to dance!

The group is proudly independent, and is currently promoting their third album "The Awakening" on a massive tour that include the whole of 2017.

Kallidad shun mainstream media, radio and the music industry, focussing their efforts on their diehard fanbase, who they communicate with on Facebook and Instagram. So far it has worked a charm, with the band outdrawing and outselling many Triple J darlings around Australia, both at the ticket booth and the merch stand. All this with no management, record company or booking agent,. Kallidad is as DIY as they come, and this ethos has allowed the group strict quality control, and a direct link to their fanbase.

Trips to festivals such as Splendour in the Grass, Falls Festival, Rainbow Serpent, Nannup, Wallaby Creek, Palm Creek, Swaggerfest, Nanga, Psyfari and Subsonic and others have helped Kallidad build a strong and loyal fanbase all around Australia.

Show Date: Mar 28, 2020