KARLOU - Mar 27 - The Milk Factory

KARLOU is the latest indie pop project from Sunshine Coast musician, Karrie Hayward. Cutting threads from her past folk singer-songwriter path, Karlou has turned a new chapter indulging herself in sweet nostalgic pop hooks and catchy lyrics with her debut offering in the upcoming release of her single, ‘Bad Choices’ on JULY 5.

Feeling a desire to brush off a past life, Karlou felt the need to embody a new retrospect on life and her music. Empowering a strong shake on youthful lyrics and embracing the freedom of adolescence and fulfilment, a rebrand on Karlou’s outlook was inspired.

‘Sometimes I got so caught up in life and found myself secluded in other things that at the end of the day, I would reflect and just feel like I was missing out on my youth. I just wanted to do the young people things like go out with friends and just make some chaos.”

Wanting to explore a deeper connection into the world of indie pop, Karlou teamed up with Brad Hosking of Blind Boy Studios to craft a sound which resonated the path of a youthful passion. The upcoming single, ‘Bad Choices’ was inspired from a recent realisation encompassing the idea of rebelling against what society may induce on your perceptions, and extinguishing all preconceived expectations that is set among society.

Although Karlou expresses deep truths in her songcraft, she deems an inviting collectiveness of creative energy and witty mannerisms when performing. Extending arms with session musicians, Karlou roams around the stage as if it is her playground.

Show Date: Mar 27, 2020