L.R. Marsh - Mar 27 - The Bowery

Brisbane based singer-songwriter L.R. Marsh draws inspiration from life events, experiences, and observation, mixed with musical influences the likes of Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters, Gary Clark Jr, The Black Keys, Brother Dege, and Tyler Childers.

Originally from South Australia, LR's passion for music began at a very early age. Surrounded by music and art from birth, with his father's own musical career and his sister pursuing visual arts, the guitar was an instant spark of interest. By age 9 he began collecting cassette tapes and fervently studying liner notes and lyrics for inspiration, which developed into a passion for poetry and songwriting. After joining a high school project band, L.R. Marsh met and collaborated with drummer Ed Noble, leading to the formation of the band Filthy Lucre, gaining significant attention from the blues and desert rock scenes both nationally and internationally.

Recently, L.R. Marsh recorded his debut album "The Ghosts Of" set for release on 24th November 2019. Marsh wrote, recorded, and produced all of the tracks at home in Henley Beach, South Australia, prior to relocating to Brisbane in 2020. The songs reflect on his own personal experiences and stories, with an intimate soundscape of acoustic guitar and enchanting harmonies, mixed with delta blues roots and rock elements to generate a unique and captivating sound.

Show Date: Mar 27, 2020