Bakers Eddy - Mar 27 - The Bearded Lady

Being skaters throughout our teens, the skating culture has been a big influence on our style and gave us the "no fucks given" attitude. Although we now only have one board between the four of us we will always share a love for it.

Growing up in New Zealand we our national anthem is sung in two different languages - Maori and English. We were taught Maori culture since we learnt to read and write, with that comes a respect for the the indigenous people and their culture. Now, when we moved over to Australia we found things were vastly different for the Aboriginal and Torres Straight people and how they were viewed. We saw a major gap in respect, rights and education surrounding the issue.
- Equality, human rights etc...

This band subscribes to a happy-go-lucky mentality and we think if you do what you love for a job you'll never need to work a day in your life. This band provided us a route that put us outside the norm and let us do something that we actually give a shit about.

Show Date: Mar 27, 2020