Blussh - Mar 26 - Greaser Bar

With the rage of Brisbane's heat putrefying our souls and the permeating culture of boredom & restlessness, 3 ratbags banded together to survive it all. BLUSSH brings a little grunge, a little punk and a heavy dose of trash noise. In their infantile 12 months these ladies have been working tirelessly spreading their stink all over town supporting the likes of These New South Whales, Press Club, Waxx Chattels, Fangz, Flangipanis and Being Jane Lane. Following debut single “Just Like You”, Blussh have built a reputation as a live band not for the faint of heart; they’re fast, they’re mean, they’re frightening! Melting punk, grunge and riot grrrl flavours, BLUSSH serve a hefty slice of rage, spit, mental breakdowns and big dongs.

Show Date: Mar 26, 2020
Tickets at: Free