Joanna Murray-Smith - Mar 21 - Gardens Theatre - QUT

If only you could find the moment that started everything.

Andy's experience is common to many of us; the slow accumulation of a good life: love, work, friendship, family. As he heads off to work to give the biggest presentation of his career, he wishes his teenage son Robbie goodbye. Eight hours later, everything has changed.

American Song tackles the confronting and heartbreaking issue of gun violence, reaching beyond national or cultural borders in an intimate exploration of love, forgiveness and parental responsibility. With Murray-Smith's characteristically deft wit and compassion she makes a difficult topic thoroughly gripping, wryly humorous and deeply moving.

Written by Joanna Murray-Smith
Directed by Tom Healey
Starring Joe Petruzzi
Set and Costume Designer Darryl Cordell
Lighting Designer Bronwyn Pringle
Composer & Sound Designer Patrick Cronin

Show Date: Mar 21, 2020