Jarred Fell - Mar 21 - The Paddo Tavern

In March 2019, Jarred received a classy 5 STAR Review by The Advertiser at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, causing sell-out shows over the 2-week season.

Jarred has also been classed as one of the most sought-after late show comics for Perth, Adelaide, and Auckland Fringe Festivals, as well as classed as one of the most popular acts on P&O Australia Cruise Lines, where he has been working consistently over the past 3 years.

Jarred makes regular appearances on film and television, and is highly sought after for consultation on magic, effects, misdirection, and sleight of hand from both the local and international film industry.

“Jarred is one of my favourite acts to work with. Wish I could take him on tour with me everywhere” Steve O (Jackass)

Jarred has won many awards in both the Comedy and Magic industries, and gained notoriety from nominations.

Show Date: Mar 21, 2020