Kel Balnaves - Mar 21 - The Paddo Tavern

Kel Balnaves is a skilled MC and headline performer touring throughout Australia and is a regular guest comedian onboard P&O Cruise ships. Beginning his career in 2006 Kel has since supported the likes of Fiona O’Loughlin, Dave Hughes and Tom Gleeson.

Instantly likeable and infinitely relatable, Kel Balnaves is a laconic story teller with a keen eye for those everyday things we all experience. Solid, reliable and punchy, he is the act to bet on.

Kel has written and performed 8 solo standup shows. And is currently touring with his most recent show ‘You Bewdy.’ In addition to standup, Kel is also a talented comedic actor. He was the star of the award winning cult hit ‘Wolf Creek: The Musical’ and co creator and star of the madcap sketch show ‘The Wudidonga Arts Revue.’

Show Date: Mar 21, 2020