Stepson - Mar 21 - Crowbar

Stepson are a 5 piece melodic-hardcore band from Brisbane, Australia who pride themselves on having high energy, honest lyrics and emotive music. The band first kicked things off with their debut EP ‘Broken Bottles / Drunken Hearts’ in 2014 which immediately saw them make their way around the country. The following year, the band released their sophomore EP titled ‘Echoes In An Empty Room’. EIAER was very well received nation-wide, Alex Sievers (Killyourstereo) joked that “you might need a Valium while listening to this emotion-filled release”.
With intention to push the boundaries of their sound in 2016, Stepson released one single (Never Mind Me) and a 3-track EP (The Beautiful Lie). Never Mind Me was intended to be an amalgamation of the two EP’s released in the previous years, and that it was. It compressed the band’s sound into one track and made it easy to understand what Stepson really is… until they released The Beautiful Lie.
A compilation of 3 songs, The Beautiful Lie shares very few traits with the previous music released by Stepson, with Brock’s clean singing and raw lyrics being the only real similarity between this EP and their past EP’s. The band wanted to experiment with different idea's and expand on all their influences, TBL presents us with only clean, ambient guitars, atmospheric synthesisers & pads and some electronic sounds that rings bells with Lorde.
The 2017 single, Come With Me, takes it back to their roots & possesses the emotional lyrics & overall vibes that Stepson are known for.
Along the way, Stepson have been given the chance to share a stage with international acts such as Counterparts, Title Fight, Capsize and While She Sleeps as well as some of Australia’s finest like Ocean Grove, Hellions and Storm The Sky. Already having plans to step up further in 2018, Stepson show no hints of slowing down.

Stepson is (left to right) Jayden Ridley, Robert Suthern, Brock Alan Conry, Jordan McDoanld & Nick Bennett.

Show Date: Mar 21, 2020