Hoodoo Gurus - Mar 21 - Sandstone Point Hotel

Hoodoo Gurus (formed in 1981) is an Australian new wave influenced rock band who rose to national prominence in the late ’80s with the albums “Mars Needs Guitars” and “Blow Your Cool!” – hailing from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Led by the creative prowess of vocalist Dave Faulkner, who alongside drummer James Baker played in the punk outfit the Victims, the Hoodoo Gurus lineup was completed by guitarists Roddy Radalj and Kimble Rendall. Drawing influences from across American pop culture, Hoodoo Gurus combined three guitars playing punk, rock, and garage instrumentation with pop melodies. The band’s debut single, “Leilani”, was released on Phantom Records in 1982 and paved for the way for their first performance on the kids’ TV program “Simon Townsend’s Wonder World”. Shorty after the performance members Rendall and Radalj parted way and were replaced by Clyde Bramley and Brad Shepherd, respectively.

Composed of Faulkner, Baker, Bramley, and Shepherd, Hoodoo Gurus released their debut full-length album “Stoneage Romeos” in 1984. Spawning the singles “I Want You Back”, “In the Echo Chamber”, and “I Was a Kamikaze Pilot”, the record became an instant hit on American college radio, with the band becoming internationally recognisable. Following the release James Baker was fired from the group and replaced by Mark Kingsmill who played on the Hoodoo Gurus first U.S tour in 1984. The band’s second album, “Mars Needs Guitars!”, built on the success of their debut, epitomised by their smash hit single “Bittersweet”.

Following the release of Hoodoo Gurus’ third studio album “Blow Your Cool” in 1987, guitarist Bramley left the band, and was replaced by Divinyl Rick Grossman for 1989’s “Magnum Cum Louder”. The record spawned the radio singles “Come Anytime”, “Another World”, and “Baby Can Dance”, and paved the way for 1991’s full-length “Kinky”. Three years later the band issued their rockiest album to date “Crank”, followed by “Blue Cave” in 1996, after which Hoodoo Gurus disbanded. The compilation “Ampology” proved a worthy collection of the group’s output, however following a pseudo-reunion as the Persian Rugs, Hoodoo Gurus returned to embark on a successful Australian tour. The album “Mach Schau” arrived shortly after leading the group to sign with Sony Music Australia, and release their ninth studio album “Purity of Essence” in 2010.

Show Date: Mar 21, 2020