What does it take to be a “successful Aboriginal” in this modern, post-colonial, post-multicultural, post-offensive, post-post world? Brothers and self-proclaimed Successful Aboriginals Texas and Travis De Vries are here to answer that question along with any others you might have – and some that you don’t!

Part satire, part advice show (also satire), BRORIGINALS LIVE is a roller coaster ride of stand-up comedy, sibling rivalry, podcasting and race politics. Aboriginal and Wuggle (Non-Aboriginal-Non-Magical) fans alike are encouraged to bring along self-improvement questions, random trivia questions, or questions about the finer points of making the perfect milo – our favourite brothers will answer them with grace, aplomb and a splash of tongue in cheek humour, drawing on 80,000 years of cultural heritage (and various oddities from the internet) and attempt to teach their audience how to be better Aboriginals, and maybe – better humans.

BRORIGINALS LIVE was performed to sold-out venues at the Spotify Headquarters and The Australian Museum in 2018.

The BRORIGINALS podcast began when brothers Texas and Travis re-connected after being estranged for ten years. Realising that they had both become Successful Aboriginals in their time apart, they took on the responsibility to pass this knowledge on to the future generations in the most cutting edge way possible – by making a hot Aboriginal comedy podcast.

Audience members are welcome to stay for a meet and greet after the show.

This live episode will be recorded and released online following the event.

Show Date: Mar 20, 2020