Deftones - Mar 18 - Fortitude Music Hall

Deftones (founded 1988), are the American alternative metal band, hailing from Sacramento California. Over the years, their music has gained much attention through their experimental rock and metal crossover.

Over the last 30 years, Deftones have released seven studio albums, including three platinum, and one gold certificate for their best selling self-titled album. From humble beginnings, it’s incredible to see the journey that the band have made, with Stephen Carpenter, guitarist of the band, teaching himself the instrument when confined to a wheelchair at the age of 15 after a road traffic accident. Carpenter is an old school friend of Chino Moreno and Abe Cunningham, respectively the vocalist and lead guitarist, and the drummer of Deftones. After jamming together several times as teenagers, the trio secured Chi Cheng as their bassist, who since his death in a RTC in 2013, has been replaced by Sergio Vega.

As well as producing several critically acclaimed albums, the band have a Grammy Award under their belt for Best Metal Performance in 2001, for their song Elite. Additionally, they were also the recipients of Album Of The Year at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, for Koi No Yokan.

Deftones have spent a large proportion of their career touring locally, internationally, and worldwide. Their influences from art rock, metal, nu metal, post-punk, and many more have maintained their originality and given them the opportunity to perform organic and original fusions of great genres.

Show Date: Mar 18, 2020