Bertie Page Clinic - Feb 29 - Woolly Mammoth

“Bertie Page Clinic is spangles and glam, punk and transvestite, stiletto heels sharp as scalpels, station wagons, lyricism, grand eloquence and infernal vocal exercises, a hot, guttural sound which could burn a hole in your crotch!” Headsucker, Rennes, France 2010

Bertie Page Clinic is the perverted child of burlesque and classic rock, led in a flurry of fur, feathers and fornication by Australian cabaret star Bertie Page. Their witty works combine the best elements of punk and glam rock, pulled off with a Jim Steinman flair. Since 2009 the Clinic has been playing around the world: UK, France, Spain, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, plus extensive touring around Australia. They’ve played some of the biggest festivals in Australia and the world including Falls, Edinburgh Fringe, Woodford and Adelaide Fringe. Signed to French rock label Beast Records, the band have released two albums and an EP and will release their third long player in September 2015, coinciding with a tour of France and Australia.

Show Date: Feb 29, 2020