Sabrina Lawrie - Feb 29 - Woolly Mammoth

Following her 2017 debut album 'Hush The Mountain' Sabrina delivers a new sound with single 'Nopiates' exploring a vulnerable and honest topic, looking at addiction and substance abuse with a positive message of self-love.

The song was produced, engineered and recorded by Sabrina and collaborator Ben Kerswell in her own studio space, mixed by Konstantin Kersting (Tia Gostelow / The Belligerents) and mastered by Berlin engineer Cem Oral (Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, NIN) with all instruments played by Lawrie.

Sabrina has spent the past four months, writing and co-producing her next record. She has put down the rock guitar for the moment and is working on material in a more electronic and dark ambient genre. The sound that has emerged is a peek into more personal topics set to a beat driven synth soundscape with flocks of harmony, Nopiates, the first single from the album due out early 2019.


Show Date: Feb 29, 2020