Between The Buried And Me - Feb 28 - The Triffid

Formed at the turn of the millennium and adopting progressive metal sound, Between the Buried and Me, have made some large waves in the metal scene. Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, the band continue to do so.

Taking their name from the Counting Crows song “Ghost Train” from August and Everything After, Between the Buried and Me, the band signed a contract with Lifeforce Records, and released an eponymous debut record. The record featured lyrical depth, and intricate musical writing, including a song called “Arsonist”, written in protest of the beliefs of the Westboro Baptist Church. Following this album, the band signed to Victory Records and released “The Silent Circus” on October 21st 2003, which was re released in 2006 with a bonus DVD.

It was their following album, “Alaska” released on September 6th 2005 that scored a place at number 2 in the US Heatseekers Chart, and even made it to 121 in the Billboard 200. Their next album “The Anatomy Of” followed similar chart success, but it was “Colors” released on September 18th 2007 that the band achieved new heights with their charts selling 12,600 copies in its first week. The album peaked at 57 on the Billboard Charts. The album featured a great level of maturity, with some influences of jazz and even bluegrass. It was dubbed as “adult contemporary progressive death metal”. It gained critical acclaim, including making Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater’s ‘album of the year’. The following year, the band released a live version of the album, which was filmed at the Rocketown in Nashville Tennessee on August 2nd 2008. The band’s following album “The Great Misdirect” saw the band’s career grow exponentially, reaching 36 on the Billboard 200, and then their following album “The Parallax II: Future Sequence” released on October 9th 2012, making it to number 22 on the Billboard 200.

Show Date: Feb 28, 2020