Lime Spiders - Feb 27 - Noosa Reef Hotel

The LIME SPIDERS exploded into the unsuspecting ears of the music scene in the early eighties. From the band’s inception, its music was a compelling hybrid of ‘60’s punk/psychedelic influences in an uneasy marriage with a modern wall of sound approach. This perfect sonic storm was described by American Rolling Stone magazine as “the Sex Pistols on acid”.
The band first came to prominence in their home city of Sydney after winning a profile inner city band competition in ’82. The prize for this was a recording with Green Records, resulting in the band’s debut double 7” vinyl set of four songs titled 25th Hour. It was well received by the music press and fans alike, signalling the beginning of a stellar career for these lurid arachnids.

Their next release was the iconic “Slave Girl”, and the song became a monster. It was the biggest selling Australian independent single in Australian music history, remaining top of the charts for a record period of time and remaining in the top 20 or thereabouts for a few years. It eventually entered radio station 2JJJ’s Hot 100 of all time at no. 87. Profile American band the GOO GOO DOLLS covered it on their biggest album “A Boy Named Goo” in the mid – nineties, and also released a live version on a “Best Of…” compilation years later. The following single “Out of Control” reached similar heights and was also covered by the New Zealand band “D4” on their “Out of My Head” album.

The Lime Spiders were then commissioned to write a song for the feature Australian film “Young Einstein.” Weirdo Libido was the raucous track evolving out of this project. Not only did it feature in the film but also became THE first ever song played on ABC’s RAGE music TV programme. This fact was recently acknowledged in an interview with Mick during the show’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

Inevitably this juggernaut of early success couldn’t be ignored by major labels, with the band signing a deal with Virgin Records early in ’87. The first product of this association was the debut album “The Cave Comes Alive”. This featured amazing musicianship and feel to showcase Mick Blood’s amazing voice and song writing talent. The album was a hit in Australia and rocketed to No 1 on the American College Music charts, representing the cream of independent music from all over the globe. It was a quantum leap for the band and spawned a major American tour, including 13 shows as the major support act for PIL.

The Lime Spiders were no longer minnows of the Australian music scene, far from it. They had rapidly gained respect internationally for their unique musical style, which had become a sonic tonic for the ears of discerning listeners. This stunning debut album was nominated for three ARIA awards, recognition by the Australian music industry of the band’s wealth of talent.

“Volatile”was released in the following year. It was once again met with glowing reviews and charted in the top 10 of the US College charts. The Lime Spiders toured Europe that year, the highlight being a performance at the enormous Roskilde Festival in Denmark. This was another prestigious milestone in the band’s growing list of achievements. The album was supported locally with live touring and television appearances, the spellbinding live performance continuing to cement the Spider’ reputation.

The third studio album, “Beethoven’s Fist”, was arguably the bands finest offering. This set was given a 5-star review in UK’s NME, proclaiming it as “simply the best Australian rock ‘n roll album since The Saints “I’m Stranded”. This was typical of the superlative reviews this brilliant work attracted. It generated a showcase UK tour of several shows to promote the release, a highlight being a profile headline of the famous Marquee Club in London.

Subsequent years have presented far too many obstacles for the band to be a constant entity. They have reformed sporadically for national tours to promote a definitive best of compilation, “Nine Miles High” (released on Raven label in ’04) and a killer album, “Live at the Esplanade” (released ’07 on Figtree Records) This was a recording of only one performance at Melbourne’s iconic Esplanade Hotel circa ’98. It provides evidence of a typical high energy Lime Spiders experience, a standard that’s been produced consistently for decades by this amazing band.

Show Date: Feb 27, 2020